From idea into reality
Our Story - building ciao bella

From 2008 to date.

why romford?

We chose Romford because we felt that there where no real family run Italian restaurants in the area but only large corporate companies. We wanted to bring the taste of real Italy to Havering.
We created a place of comfort, like the small trattorias you find in small Scicilian villages. A homely place whereyou can bring a business contact as well as family; we achieved this by serving food with a hinto of nostalgia, all made in house and served by a team of knowledgeable warm staff.


Extending the Kitchen

As in any Italian home the Kitchen is an important part of household so we decided to extend the kitchen.

Construction of Pizzeria

We wanted our oven to be a focal point. We created this space so you could see the Pizzas being made by our Pizzaiolo. Our oven is a lava stone dual wood/gas fire oven imported from Milan!


We finally got there